Expert quality – Made in Germany

Expert quality – Made in Germany - Diamond Tile Saw for Jigs

Not only does the initial idea to this innovative product come from Germany, but also the production of the blank, the diamond coating as well as the finishing of the tile saw blade are carried out in Germany.

The DIAMOND Tile Saw production is a special manufacturing process.

This unusual method of production can only be realised by very few manufacturers. At first, the blank is made of a special tool-steel and turned. Then, the universal-jigsaw adaptor is milled into the blank in a special processing method.

The subsequent diamond coating process is essential. After all, the diamonds have to resist high mechanical stress at high temperature. The blank is nickel-plated to guarantee best bonding results of diamonds and blank. The exact formulation of the nickel coating remains the manufacturer’s well-kept secret.

It guarantees best durability and performance.

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