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What material is the DIAMOND Tile Saw made of?

The DIAMOND Tile Saw is made of special tool-steel, which tolerates bending without breaking.   This guarantees best cutting results and great durability.

Can I install the DIAMOND Tile Saw into any jigsaw?

Generally spoken – yes, as a universal jigsaw-blade adaptor was chosen especially for this   purpose. However, it may not fit into every exotic type of jigsaw.

What exactly can the DIAMOND Tile Saw cut?

Generally spoken, any ceramic tile can be worked. Best results are achieved at 8 mm tile   thickness.The DIAMOND Tile Saw is not suitable for working material, which does not absorb   water for cooling, such as concrete blocks, stoneware, marble etc.!!!

How long is the service life of the DIAMOND Tile Saw?

This depends on the tile, the applied force and the degree of strength used. The harder the tile   material, the higher the wear. Only apply a slight amount of pressure as otherwise the   DIAMOND Tile Saw will heat up and may damage the diamond coating.

Does the DIAMOND Tile Saw blade have to touch the jigsaw’s guidance roller?

Yes, it should, in order to remain controllable in curves. The DIAMOND Tile Saw has no coating   at the back. This ensures that the guidance roller is not damaged. The guidance roller of some   jigsaws may stand back a little, however, the DIAMOND Tile Saw is able to bend back slightly to   fit.

What can I do, if the DIAMOND Tile Saw no longer performs good results?

The diamonds have small gaps in-between, which may get clogged up with debris after use. In   this case, clean the DIAMOND Tile Saw with a brush.

How are the diamonds bonded?

A nickel coating bonds the diamonds to the blank and holds them together.

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