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Simple and easy to use – Tidy results!

The DIAMOND Tile Saw is ideally suited for both experts and amateur home improvers. For all shapes - round, rectangular, oval or individual shapes – the DIAMOND Tile Saw is your specialist when it comes to cutting tiles. You need a hole in a tile or a clean cut-out in the tile? No problem! Tiles no longer have to be destroyed and put back together in single elements, as the tile remains complete. Sockets, switches or piping – install whatever you like – gap-free, easy and tidy in the tile.

The ideal tile cutting tool for all shapes

Any frustrating or difficult handling with tile nipper, rail tile cutter and tile miller is no longer necessary. The DIAMOND Tile Saw is a professional solution at good value for money when it comes to cutting tiles, giving you accurate and tidy cutting results! No expensive special tools required.

Convince yourself of the DIAMOND Tile Saw!


It’s as easy as this...

Diamond tile saw for jigsaws

Install the DIAMOND Tile Saw into your jigsaw like any other jigsaw blade.

Diamond tile saw for jigsaws

Before working the tile, soak it completely for approx. 4-5 minutes in water.
(This will extend the tool’s durability and helps reduce harmful dust)

Diamond tile saw for jigsaws

Place the soaked tile on two strips of wood with tile front showing downward and drill a hole of at least Ø 4 mm into the tile.

Diamond tile saw for jigsaws

Insert tile cutter in hole and cut out designated shape by carefully pressing jigsaw forward. Finished!


PLEASE NOTE: Suited for working all tiles which are able to absorb water for cooling. Hard material such as stoneware, marble or granite can not be worked.



19,95 €

(excl. Delivery Charge)